Friday, October 29, 2010


We have NIXON. So many styles, so many choices. Every one unique and fashionably crafted. Since 1997 Nixon has been at the forefront of design and functionality. These watches are uh-mazing... Here's a quick sampling of the plethora of awesome we've recently come into.

The Player-Black: $200

Zona-Gold: $170

Cougar-Gunmetal: $160

Timeteller P-Red:$60

Timeteller P-White:$60

Spencer-Gunmetal/Gold: $280


Banks-Gunship: $375

Timeteller-Black: $100

42/20-Rose Gold:$500

Rubber Player-White: $150

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  1. You guys should carry the mens brand JC Rags!! I saw it at bloomingdales and it is siiicckk!!!