Friday, October 15, 2010

Chris Habana

Chris Habana kill's it. Seriously... his work is amazing. Mixing modern aesthetics with classic, tongue in cheek, goth iconography he offers (effortlessly) what everyone else seems to be reaching for these days; A lighthearted balance between what's "in" and what will never go away. His jewelry is at once now, yesterday, and tomorrow... Playful, subversive, and well priced.

penance collar: $289

cross cuff: $122

cage cross cuff: $111

cage finger brace: $111

cross necklace: $89

tri faceted necklace: $100

hoisted triangle earrings: $78

spike drop earrings: $78

faceted drop earrings: $89

tri faceted necklace (copper): $100

half moon plate: $178
(all images by Andrew Moran)

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