Monday, August 2, 2010


"We exist in an endless sea of Denim brands and see absolutely no need for another."

With this idea in mind Life/After/Denim has focused their energy on creating clothing that is functional, wearable and fits. While all of it can be worn with denim, they don't actually make any. Instead they have mastered creating quality non-denim products at the most reasonable of prices. Launched last year Life/After/Denim will likely be around for the long haul and if you happen to acquire a piece yourself, it will defiantly stand the test of time in both quality and style, as well as leave some cash in your wallet.

From top to bottom...
Ribbed Peacoat $178
Chase Point Shirt $79
School Boy Blazer $138
Renegade Shirt $84

All available at Villains Vault (415) 846-7727

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